Internet Phonograph 

Internet Phonograph provides a way to consider 2000 internet dial-up technology through redundant 1900 technology, collapsing 100 years into a single event.   For first generation internet users, it allows a personal sense of dislocated time with the familiar sound of the internet modem: Through the playback of the phonograph, it can be heard as a sharp amplified sound, eventually decaying.  

More recently, the contemporary sound of a car Sat Nav was created as a second recording Sat Nav Phonograph, referencing the very first Edison phonograph recording of voice.

A third recording On hold, was made with one of the most hated call-waiting tunes, as voted by Which consumers -  along with the artist’s voice announcing ‘Your call is important to us, please wait for the next available agent’.

These phonograph works are usually demonstrated in gallery spaces, shown alongside continuous running demonstration videos.  


© Images and text Jan Frith