Travelling Past (2013 & 2014)

Blank Gallery, Brighton

GASP Artspace Portsmouth

The Nab Tower (digital film 15’50”) and The Pier (digital film 9’40”).

Here, two videos combine to show two old girded sea structures, the Nab Tower off the East coast of the Isle of Wight and West Pier of Brighton, two obvious seamarks when making passage between Brighton and Portsmouth. Time passing is experienced very differently at sea; far-stretching horizons yield events very slowly, yet lulled into this sense of slowness subtle changes can be perceived more acutely. Long duration film demands suspension of consciously marked time in the watching experience.  Similarly through time, there is a shift in perception as other nuances and details become more noticed.  The visuals and accompanying sounds in these films are not edited and each of these segments from the same journey has a slightly different length of time. Watching these looped side by side leads to chance coincidences of scale with the objects, symmetry, lighting and direction of travel. 


© Images and text Jan Frith